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Ornamental Iron Balusters

The iron balusters are upright iron railings on the staircase. Iron is a unique way of decorating the staircase railing. Though they are frequently used in the outdoors, they are also used in the home exterior. They are often installed on the balcony, and patio garden.

Iron balusters can be made from aluminum, copper, and brass. It is available in many designs including basket, scroll, waves/bows, casy, ornaments, hammered, chiseled, hand forged and newels. There are two main types of iron balusters including traditional and ornamental iron balusters. Both traditional and ornamental balusters are able to withstand heavy weight. They are durable and sturdy and will not collapse if a heavy weight person leans over it. Balusters that are made from ornamental iron are used for decoration purposes.

iron balusters




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